The last week of February has come and the ninth issue of Weekly Digest is here! Today you can read about controlled failure, and security as a process, learn a bit about deploying web apps and microservices and also learn why Japan’s rail workers are pointing at things! 👉

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Business and (side)project section

1. Let it fail

A common conflict, business versus engineering, sometimes leads to an interesting outcome. What if we… let it fail? Take no action at all, do not get your hands dirty and call for the heroines (or heroes)? Controlled failure can be a benefit!

2. This is not a Drill, this is just Tuesday

You often can hear “security is a process”, but what does that mean? This is a story of turning an impossible process (“business continuity when losing region completely”) project into a manageable process (step-by-step) that finally fulfils the needs of management!

3. How I Made $1740 With an Abandoned Startup

We all hear the startup success stories. This one is a bit different - it’s a story of failure because the project didn’t get traction. But with a small twist when after all someone noticed it as they need some custom, similar solution! Sharing your startup with the world is not a bad idea!

Developer section

4. Four Ways to Build Web Apps

Possibilities are endless - you can build and deploy web apps in multiple ways. The article summarizes them in 4 ways (as the Pareto principle will say - 80% will fall into those categories). Great start if you do not know where to start!

5. How to Weaponize the Yubikey

Do you know that you can reprogram your Yubikey? Although your hands are a bit tied, you still can do some interesting stuff written by this piece of electronic. And learn a few stuff in the meantime!

6. Microservices with Benefits

Microservices are sold as a solution to every problem you have. But does their benefits are tightly tied to them? This article describes common patterns used by the microservices that can be used also in the monolith.

7. Why Japan’s Rail Workers Can’t Stop Pointing at Things

Japan’s rail system is commonly known as being the best in the world. Did you know that Japan’s rail workers are pointing at various things during their work? But why do they do that? This article will give you insights into shisha kanko principle which prevents errors during the work!