Another week passes, but the eighth issue is here. Juicy 9 links, split as previously into three categories - business/(side) project, developer and other. Today you can read about:

  • To build or to buy - what is a better approach?
  • How to stay focused working on your side gig.
  • Odd Docker behaviour (kind of not secure).
  • Sad story of core-js developer.

And some other also interesting stuff!

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Business and (side)project section

1. Build vs. Buy

You need something - you should just buy it or build by yourself? The author shows and explains simple rules: costly, deeply integrated and difficult to design - build it. Everything else should be bought. Is it really that simple? ;-)

2. I love building a startup in Rust. I wouldn’t pick it again.

Selecting technology for a solution is a hard problem - especially if you want high performance. But in the end, do you really need to optimize everything right away? Probably not, so just use tech that makes subsequent iterations easier!

3. 6 Ways to Stay Focused While Working on Your Side Business and Having a 9 to 5

Do you want to create something by yourself? But still, working 9to5 and struggling with a lack of time? You do not have to quit your job and fully focus on a side gig! Look at these 6 ideas on how to work on your idea and still have a daily job to cover your living expenses.

Developer section

4. PSA: Docker Will Edit Host-Based Firewall Rules For You

Did you know that Docker is silently opening a firewall for you? That is odd behaviour, especially when you want to run it securely. Worth checking and remembering!

5. Origins, Sites and other Terminologies

Ah, working with the frontend brings a lot of new stuff to the plate. Origins, domains, public suffixes and a lot more. This is a sneak peek into those terminologies with some short explanation - a good place to start to learn about those!

6. Two surprises in browser crashes

Did you know that Chrome exposes an API that notifies you when your page breaks? Me neither! But it can be useful and can make monitoring your browser app a bit easier!

7. Low-level is easy

Is working on low-level stuff (e.g. on bare metal) harder than working on a high level (e.g. browser app)? On a low level, you do not have multiple dependencies, or a lot of middle layers (browsers, OS etc.) so it can be… easier!

8. Local-First Web Development

A long-ish list of things to read, watch, tools and communities about creating apps that work offline and synchronize data between clients. Worth looking at if you want to let user own their data! Or just wanna make something work offline.

9. Open-source is broken: the sad story of Denis Pushkarev (core-js)

You may hear the story of core-js and its author. This is a kind of summary of that short story, which can be summarized even further - GitHub stars will not pay your rent.