The seventh issue of the Weekly Digest is here! This time in a bit different version - 8 links split into three categories:

  • business and (side)project,
  • developer,
  • and various other links!

Today you can read today about designing pricing, visual rules that you can always follow every time, learn what is GPT (hot topic!) and how to write one by yourself and more!

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Business and (side)project section

1. Design your pricing and tools so you can adapt them later

Pricing is one of the most underrated topics and making integration between apps and pricing tools is often hated. This guide contains three valid ideas that should be adapted in the pricing - make it append-only, allow to modify feature set without changing the pricing plan entirely and avoid grandfathering to simplify everything.

2. Visual design rules you can safely follow every time

If you are working on a user interface, and you are not a designer, it is easy to make something that is not clear or just can look better. Here you have 25 simple rules that will make your design better. I like Saturate your neutrals (rule number 2)!

3. How We Spent $300,000 and Learned Everything about Coffee Delivery

An interesting case study of creating a ghost cafe - a cafe where you can order a coffee with delivery only (same concept as ghost restaurant but with coffee!). How the idea was validated (spoiler - orders through messenger!), what software was built, if it was profitable (spoiler again - was not) and challenges that caused stopping the project.

Developer section

4. I figured out how DMARC works, and it almost broke me

SPF, DKIM, DMARC - a lot of acronyms that apply to securing your email. But what do those acronyms means and how apply them to prevent email spoofing on your domain? If you have an email address in your own domain - this is must read!

5. GPT in 60 Lines of NumPy

GPTs are now a hot topic, especially with ChatGPT. But can you make one by yourself? Yes - and it will take only 60 lines in Python (using the NumPy library). And also you will learn a lot about what is GPT and how it works internally. This a truly interesting article!

6. SQLite is not a toy database

This is the fourth article about SQLite - this database is like a never-ending story! This time examples of features (and a quick snoop on performance) that are making SQLite a real database and not a toy!

7. How to Make a Roguelike

Roguelikes are the new black? Maybe not, but they’re very popular right now. What if you wanted to create one by yourself? This comprehensive primer from 2018 will guide you in creating your first roguelike. And if you don’t like reading - there is a recording of the talk available!

8. Kids can’t use computers… and this is why it should worry you

An old one (2013!) but still very valid today - do kids can use general use computers? Can people use general-use computers? Turn out they cannot and people in general lack technical competence. Read about why it is a problem and how to fix this issue!