The last issue in July is here - read about emoji, Unicode, writing a Git client in Go and Python and more!

Business and (side)project section

1. “Ignore the f’ing haters!”

The author of JSON5 shares his thoughts (and a bit of story) and lessons learned from creating an extension for JSON. Ignoring the haters is the first one, but two other ones are also valuable!

Developer section

2. 🫴🦋 Is this an emoji?

Emojis are… fun. Their representation is somewhat problematic though - especially if you want to find out if something is an emoji. An author of the read-later app shares a story of validating emojis that are used in the app to tag content.

3. What happened to Vivaldi Social?

Vivaldi Social is one of the many Mastodon instances in Fediverse. On Saturday 8th of July some accounts on that instance started to… disappear! Strange situation, but very interesting postmortem about finding out the issue, searching for an explanation and restoring data from the backup.

4. Unicode is harder than you think

Unicode brings a lot of good to the world (and the Internet). But it has some issues and brings new types of problems. In this long and exhaustive blog post, you can read about both!

5. Scripting with Go: a 400-line Git client that can create a repo and push itself to GitHub

Git is not a single binary - it is a couple of different ones that work on well-defined file structures. That means you can make your own Git client. This guy did this in Go and describes it!

6. pygit: Just enough of a Git client to create a repo, commit, and push itself to GitHub

The link above is about the Git client in Go - this is the previous one about the client in Python. Worth looking at as it has also some details about “how Git works”!