Woohoo! The next batch of links is here. Today you can read about creator flywheels, writing as an engineer, migrating an app to GraalVM, JVM in Rust and more!

Business and (side)project section

1. Creator flywheels: the operating system for your business


Nathan Barry (creator of ConvertKit) in an article about flywheels and how you can use them to build momentum in your business. There are a couple of examples that can be used if you are a creator, podcaster or have SaaS.

2. Making $10k a month from a French learning app


How it is to create an app that brings you $10k a month? Especially if this is the app to learn a new language (French)? In this interview author of French Together answers some questions about his journey - from creating a blog to creating the app and making money from them.

Developer section

3. Why engineers should focus on writing


Why you should write? Because it can help you become a better engineer - writing is a way to organize knowledge and identify mistakes (if any!). In the end, you should write more!

4. I found a IT jobs thanks to this blog, what I’m doing


As we know from previous links engineers should write. But there could be also other benefits from writing - here you can read a story about being hired because the guy is writing about what he is doing.

5. Migrating 10MinuteMail from Java to GraalVM Native


A short write-up about migrating 10MinuteMail SaaS to GraalVM. Results are astonishing - startup time down from 30 seconds to 3 milliseconds (!) and memory footprint from 6.6 to 1 GB! Not all applications could be migrated like this, but worth checking!

6. I have written a JVM in Rust


Quite technical, but very interesting - in the process of learning Rust this guy wrote a simple implementation of JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Pretty awesome!

7. A JVM in Rust part 2 - The class files format


The next part of JVM in Rust series - a supplementary about the .class file format. Worth checking, especially if you are from the JVM world.