The third issue in July and 29th this year is here! About subscriptions, Docker Compose, stories from Chrome development and more!

Business and (side)project section

1. It looks like a product but is secretly a subscription

What is CAPEX? What is OPEX? When you bought a printer you bought the device or secretly started an ink cartridge subscription (tl;dr: the subscription)? This article answers those questions.

Developer section

2. 136 facts every web dev should know before they burn out and turn to landscape painting or nude modelling

A curated list of more than 100 points about web development. A lot of truisms, but worth reminding periodically. Some notes about screen size, UX, minimalism and more.

3. Best Practices Around Production Ready Web Apps with Docker Compose If you ever worked with Docker Compose you have probably seen its strength. Here you can find a list of good practices that you can use in your project when working with it - for example env, overrides, YAML anchors and more.

4. What I learned at GitLab that I don’t want to forget

Notes from the guy who worked at GitLab for five years - the most important things that he learn while working there. Writing down everything, having directly responsible individuals (DRI) and more!

5. How credit cards make money

Have you ever wondered how companies like Visa or MasterCard are making money? This article describes it in plain words.

6. Chrome, 10 years later

A few stories about working on Chrome browser ten (2007-2012) years ago. Did you know the story about the guy’s face instead of the window close button? And the reason to have it? This blogpost describes that!