Business and (side)project section

1. Some blogging myths

Demystifying blogging myths - needs to be original, need to be an expert and so on. If you want to start a blog it is must have to read!

2. How To Do Less

We are keeping a long list(s) of things to do. And in the case of teams, we do multiple things from it at one time. What if you (and your team) will “drop” all things and focus on a single thing only? It can work, but you need to learn to say “NO”. Worth reading if you (or you and your team) are overwhelmed with the work and torn between different things to do.

Developer section

3. Hashing -

A blog post about hashing - with interactive visualizations. If you want to learn what hashing and are collisions and write your own hashing function - this article is for you!

4. Gitless

If for some reason Git seems hard for you or you want to start working with Git without any hassle - Gitless is for you. Gitless is a Git-compatible version control system which can be used with Git (you can treat is as a simple Git that is built on top of Git).

5. Distributing Mac apps outside the App Store, a quick start guide

Have you ever thought about creating a Mac application? If yes you probably thought about putting it in the App Store. But this is not the only solution - you can distribute it by yourself too! This article provides a guide on doing that (and also gives the pros and cons of both ways).

6. Who killed Google Reader?

If you ever used RSS or Atom feeds you have probably heard of the Google Reader - a feed reader from Google. Despite the loyal user base it was cancelled and turned off in 2013. It is an interesting story that touches even Google Plus (a Google social network, which was turned off too!).