Business and (side)project section

1. 4 mistakes to avoid to build a better 1-person business

What common mistakes you can make when starting your startup? Too low prices, targeting customers instead of businesses are two of them - another two, and details about all four, in the article!

Developer section

2. htmx - high power tools for HTML

Are you tired of complicated JavaScript frameworks, multiple build tools and the overall complexity of creating webpages? A small library, htmx, comes in handy!

3. Email addresses are not primary user identities

Many applications treat email addresses as an immutable thing. But that is not true - this article explains what can go wrong when you, for some reason, change your email address.

4. A Senior Engineer’s Guide to FAANG Interviews

Do you want to work for FAANG company? If the answer is yes then this guide can be helpful! There are some interesting anecdotes too.

5. How my online gaming addiction saved my Ph.D.

A nice story about how Cookie Clicker saves a guy’s PhD. - thanks to that game he learns enough web development to create prototypes needed for his academic work.

6. The Grug Brained Developer

This a satire about Grug Brained developer - a developer who wants to keep things simple and maintainable. Despite the satire language, the arguments are pretty valid!