The second issue in June is out! You can read about modern JavaScript, about publishing and finishing your work, see an interactive story about dark patterns to keep you subscribed and learn about the importance of good sleep

Business and (side)project section

1. Finish your projects

A blogpost about finishing the projects. Worth reading if you have doubts about finishing the stuff you’re working on.

2. Publishing your work increases your luck

In a similar manner as the one above about finishing projects - publishing your work is good for you. Don’t be afraid and publish. In the article what are the potential, positive, outcomes - for example, you can find new clients, be more recognisable in your area and more!

Developer section

3. Modern Javascript: Everything you missed over the last 10 years

JavaScript has come a long way since its first version. There are a lot of nice and usable features - and here you can see some of them with runnable examples!

4. Reliably Send an HTTP Request as a User Leaves a Page

Sometimes you need to send an HTTP request when the user leaves a page. It is a bit tricky, but doable - keep-alive and beacons (Navigator.sendBeacon) is your friend here.

5. Why Websockets are Hard To Scale?

Websockets are great - a “pipe” that can be used to send messages in both ways (server to client, client to server). But they are harder to scale in comparison to plain HTTP requests - in this article, you can learn why.

6. How companies use dark patterns to keep you subscribed

Sometimes services make it hard to unsubscribe. This is an interactive story about those, not user-friendy UI techniques.

7. How Poor Sleep Drove Me Insane, and My Long Path to Recovery

Poor sleep causes serious issues - you have probable heard about this somewhere. But here you can read a first-hand story of how poor sleep affected a life of a guy and how he recovers from it.