The first issue in June is here! Read about managing people, learn a lot about generative AI (like ChatGPT), see how Apple Watch straps are built and how smart is a smart toothbrush!

Business and (side)project section

1. Managing people 🤯

A nice summary (everything in points) about managing people in small teams/startups. Worth checking if you’re going to manage people, especially for the first time!

2. 5 ways to make your startup more attractive to buyers

If you have a startup and want to sell it - this article is must read. Things like automating everything, and describing how the business is run are underrated by creators but very valuable for the potential buyers!

Developer section

3. Generative AI learning path

Generative AI is pretty popular right now. If you are interested in this area and want to learn more - Google prepared a learning path (free!) about it. Including deploying solutions on their cloud services.


Developers tend to think about code that is clever. But clever code is often hard to read, hard to understand and sometimes works only with this only one problem. Worth reading, especially for examples of clever code!

5. Podman Desktop - alternative for Docker Desktop for multiple platforms

If you think that Docker Desktop becomes too big and you want some GUI to manage Docker on your machine - Podman Desktop is a nice drop-in replacement. Also, nice place to start to learn about Podman (alternative runtime for running OCI images)!

6. The unsung heroes of the Apple Watch are its hidden buttons

Interesting reading about… straps in Apple Watches and how those straps are mounted.

7. Hacking my “smart” toothbrush

How smart is the Philips Sonicare toothbrush? The author bought one and discovers an NFC tag in the head that could be hacked.