The issue 22nd is out! Read about the dependency composition, software bugs that can make real-world harm, a kind of interview with the author of the French learning app, learn a bit about Linux terminal and… make some paper airplanes!

Business and (side)project section

1. Making $10k a month from a French learning app

A couple of questions for the author of an app to learn French. The guy learn to code, built the app himself and today is making $10k per month from it.

2. Don’t Build Useless Features

It is important to triage features to avoid unnecessary effort on the products that will be… useless. Even if you do not have to build something bad - you sometimes choose to do it. The article describes a few techniques that you can use to prevent you from doing that!

Developer section

3. Dependency Composition

A look over dependency injection and in general dependency composition in the applications. Daniel Somerfield illustrates in TypeScript how he approaches having clearly separated modules with a simple composition between them.

4. Software Bugs That Cause Real-World Harm

Many know the infamous story of the Therac-25 computer-controlled machine (short description in the article!). But does working on not-so-safety-critical software (or hardware) make developers free from making real-world harm to users? The author tells three stories from his life where bugs in software affect his life. If you are a developer - it is worth asking if the work you did can make any harm.

5. A terminal case of Linux

This is a very interesting write-up about a Linux terminal, how colours are presented and how ls knows when to output colours and when to not do it. Digging into the source code in Clang, writing your own Rust code, running Clang code from Rust and interesting topic - it has all of it!

6. Paper Airplane Designs

This is a nice and simple page about… creating airplanes from paper. No more, no less :-)