A day late, but there it is - 21st Weekly Digest! Read about async in JavaScript, what is not told about software engineering, learn why a lot of stuff looks essentially the same and more!

Business and (side)project section

1. The age of average


An interesting look on… a lot of things, like cars, homes, interiors which looks the same. But that means you can aim for originality (with the product, marketing, posters etc.) to stand out from the others.

2. Co-Founding Considered Harmful


Interesting view on running a startup solo (single founder) versus with other people (multiple co-founders). Worth reading because of advice in the latter part of the article - especially “find someone whose character and integrity you trust”.

Developer section

3. Things they didn’t teach you about Software Engineering


There are a lot of things that people teach you (at school, at work, at boot camps) about Software Engineering. But there are some stuff not said like that documentation is underrated, business value is more important than clean code and more. Open and see all 10 points.

4. Ergonomic tips from over-full-time programmer


A couple of tips from a fellow programmer who works more than the typical 8 hours a day. Standing desk, good keyboard and some other tips.

5. How JavaScript’s Asynchronous Operations Work in the Browser


JavaScript is quite interesting - it allows you to write code in various ways. But have you thought about how async in JavaScript works? Yes or no - this article explains it simply. Worth reading for every developer working with browser apps.

6. How I used indie hacking to sponsor my own greencard


It is a story of a developer who creates the possibility to get a USA green card (permanent residence) entirely with his own “hands” - from working on a visa sponsored by another company, through a visa sponsored by his own company to get a green card.