The third issue in May is here! Today you can learn about uptime, rewriting Uber iOS App, CPU limits on Kubernetes, the Moscow dormitory network built by students and micro CDN!

Business and (side)project section

1. Uptime Guarantees — A Pragmatic Perspective

SLA (Service Level Agreement) and numbers like 99.95%, 99.99%, 99.999… What in the end it means? And how costly it could be? A quick look at the pragmatic side of the SLA and the cost of achieving it.

2. Uber’s Crazy YOLO App Rewrite, From the Front Seat

Uber did a full app rewrite in 2016, introducing Swift in the codebase. This blogpost describes how it goes (what problems were, how they were solved) and what was the outcome of it. Front the front seat - the senior software engineer!

Developer section

3. For the love of god, stop using CPU limits on Kubernetes

In Kubernetes there are “requests” and “limits” CPU that describes resources available for pods - but do both should be used? Turns out that “limits” can (and probably even should) be omitted for CPU. But not for memory!

4. Work on interesting problems. Not interesting technologies.

Developers tend to search for places with “fancy technologies” to work with. But in the end, technology does not matter - the problem is. This is a similar look at the technology as “choosing boring technology” (from Issue #3 link number 10).

5. Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years

Today you can find a book or course like “learn programming in 24 hours” easily. But can you in reality learn programming in such a short time? Unfortunately, you cannot - but this article describes how to become a programmer from the author’s experience and looking into some research.


How it is to host a CDN for popular Linux distributions? Also - can you host it on a small PC like a thin client? Turns out you can! And two guys creates a managed solution for hosting free software CDN using small PCs.

7. Moscow state university network built by students

An story about a (illegal) network built by students in dormitory in Moscow. Very interesting piece of read about making something with hard constraints and limited resources but unlimited creativity!