The second issue of Weekly Digest is here! This week you can read among others about the hacking auto industry, LastPass hack and also get to know why Delaware is so popular for registering companies!

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1. The Architecture Behind A One-Person Tech Startup

How it is to run a startup alone? This is an example of what stuff is used in the Panelbear - web monitoring SaaS. It is deployed on the Kubernetes cluster (wise choice?) and some stuff is created by Terraform (wise choice! ;-). There is more - logging, monitoring and payments with Stripe. Worth looking for the ideas “how to do XYZ”, especially when you’re in doubt about what to choose!

2. Speed is the killer feature

Do you ever feel that webpage you visit is… slow? An app you are using is sluggish? I’m more than sure that you’ve encountered such a situation! Does that mean speed is the new black? Do you know that 1-second delay reduces the conversion rate by 7%? Now you know!

3. Consider SQLite

Is SQLite a “lite” database? Is it something only suitable for testing and local usage? Can you use it in the production app instead of Postgres or MySQL/MariaDB? There are some drawbacks (like a bit worse support by frameworks) but nothing critical! And for a fancy backup look at point 4!

4. Litestream - backup your SQLite, cheap and safe way!

What if you want to back up your SQLite database? Maybe you want to back up it into some object storage (AWS S3, Google GCS or something else)? Litestream comes with a solution!

5. Web Hackers vs. The Auto Industry: Critical Vulnerabilities in Ferrari, BMW, Rolls Royce, Porsche, and More

How secure are APIs that cars are used? If not so secure then how dangerously flaws are? The hackers investigated those and found a lot of vulnerabilities - including remote access to the car lock, starting/stopping the engine and even live view from the camera!

6. LostPass: after the LastPass hack, here’s what you need to know

One of the cloud password managers was hacked just before Christmas (or even earlier, who knows?!). If you’ve ever used LastPass - read it carefully! If you do not use it - read it carefully also, as it is a nice story!

7. Comments on LastPass by Jeremi M Gosney - Mastodon post

LastPass hack again - this time addressing some flaws of LastPass by Sr Principal Engineer from Yahoo (also the author of hmac-bcrypt and Pufferfish2).

8. Some things about getaddrinfo that surprised me

Do you ever wonder how DNS lookups are done in programming languages? Do you ever wonder how getaddrinfo function (the one that comes from libc library)? I wonder and now I know that it can be a bit… surprising!

9. Why Delaware is the sexiest place in America to incorporate a company

Did you ever though about WHY there are so many (1.8 million!) companies registered in Delaware (a small state in the USA, with the size of around 5000-6000 square kilometres)? Taxes, precisely lack of them on intangible assets (like trademarks, copyrights), speed of setting up a new company and a few other things! What interesting it all started in 1899!

10. 700,000 lines of code, 20 years, and one developer: How Dwarf Fortress is built

That’s quite odd - the game that had a bug where cats throw out and dies? It is all about simulation that is in development for the past 20 (or now it is almost 22!) years!

Also - did you know that Dwart Fortress is now available on the biggest game store (yep, Steam)? And on the indie one too ( Now you know! ;-)

11. The Safari bug that never was

This is a not-so-long story about a bug in WebKit (browser engine that runs in Safari and other browsers on iOS) that caused wrapping text in weird places. A great example of “how to make a good bug report”. Also - today I learned that in fonts even a new line has width! :O

12. The 10 year old indie mobile app

How has it been to work on the same, mobile, app for the last 10 years? Especially if this is not a golden egg that is going to be sold to some $BIG_COMPANY, but still outlives $BIG_COMPANIES competitors. What technologies were used and how easy (or not) was updating it over those 10 years? Do test matters? Let’s find out!