The first issue in May is here! Today links about running stack on the budget, a visual introduction to machine learning, basics of load balancing and some longer text about API and Microsoft!

Business and (side)project section

1. Stack on a budget (Free Tier Driven Development FTDD)

A collection of services that provides a free tier for developers. A good place to start with some pet projects or testing some new tools!

2. How I manage running multiple products of ~$18K/mo total revenue

How one guy is managing multiple projects at once? Creator of Xnapper (screenshot app for macOS) shares his 6 important things about how he works on projects (e.g. dogfooding, moving slowly, doing something every day).

Developer section

3. Load Balancing

Load balancing topic presented in a nice graphical way - nice animations describing various used algorithms.

4. A visual introduction to machine learning

Another visual introduction - this time to machine learning. Scroll down to drill down into the data about homes and create an ML model!

5. Model Tuning and the Bias-Variance Tradeoff

A continuation of the previous introduction to Machine Learning - now going deeper into model tuning and the model bias.

6. How Microsoft Lost the API War

An older post (2004) from Joel Spolsky about Microsoft, APIs, .NET, Visual Basic and a bit of history. In summary, there is a sentence “new API is HTML” which is pretty valid today!