Time for 16 (sixteenth!) issue of Weekly Digest! Today’s interesting links are (among others of course!) about angry customers, acquiring SOC2 certification, Powershell and failing interviews as a senior developer!

Business and (side)project section

1. You’ll Lose Customers. It Hurts. But Don’t Let Them Become Angry Ex-Customers.


When creating a product you will always lose customers - and it hurts. But you should not make them angry at you, because it can have even more negative consequences. The article points a couple of them, but also the actions that you can make to prevent them.

2. SOC2: The Screenshots Will Continue Until Security Improves


A brief look over the SOC2 audit from Fly.io (app hosting provider). Nice introduction if you are about to work on acquiring such certification. And yes - screenshotting is no joke!

Developer section

3. Modern HTML email (tables no longer required)


Creating nice-looking emails is… kinda hard. Especially when you are trying to make them look the same on different email clients. But now you do not have to use table only - a lot of features of modern HTML and CSS are already working (especially when Outlook uses Edge as a rendering engine!). Read and learn what you can do to make pretty emails!

4. I really like powershell


If you are on Windows you probably do not use a terminal / console a lot - the default one is bad. But things changed with PowerShell, which is a nice shell and have a lot of modern features. And also - it is available on other platforms if needed.

5. I failed 3 job applications, here’s what I learned


Senior developer (today 23 years of experience, during described situations ~20) shares his story about failing job interviews at three known companies - Datadog, Spotify and Shopify. Tips, mistakes made and how it is being an introvert in the IT world.

6. Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in Google They Are Not Willing To Fix


Dependency confusion is a problem that can affect security - running code on machine just by installing some dependency is a real deal. A guy reported such issue to Google, but it was marked as won’t fix - the rationale is… kind of interesting!