The first Weekly Digest in April is here! Today you can read, among others, about deployments (not releases!), microservices and monoliths, going on-prem with SaaS, and see how to make the house alarm with Raspberry Pi!

Business and (side)project section

1. Deployments not Releases

You should release your code to the customer more often. But in a way that will not interfere with customers who work on your app. But how make it this way? Feature flags described in this article are the way to go - turned-off features can be deployed often and turned on for customers when release is scheduled!

2. So you wanna go on-prem do ya

You are running a successful SaaS. Everything is going great and customers are asking to have sort of on-prem install of it, just for them in the place they selected. They even offer a lot of money for this. Should you do it? That depends, but if you can limit it to the managed hosted! For reasons why - look in the linked article.

Developer section

3. Untangling Microservices, or Balancing Complexity in Distributed Systems

You were told that microservices are the future and that all apps should be done this way. But Uber is refactoring thousands of microservices into other, more manageable solutions and people are telling that microservices should be the last resort. Monoliths or microservices - which is better? This article tries to answer these questions!

4. Awesome Terraform Github list

Comprehensive list of various materials about Terraform (open source Infrastructure-as-code software tool). Worth checking (and bookmarking!) if you ever think about working with it!

5. JavaScript Visualized: Event Loop

Have you ever thought about how JavaScript’s event loop works? This article (with animated images! ;-)) will guide you through it!

6. Raspberry Pi security alarm — the basics

Have you ever wanted to create your own security system in the house? And do not rely on some sort of external services? The author wanted and created it - using Raspberry PI, MQTT and Home Assistant. Neat work!

7. The 7 Habits of Highly Overrated People

A bit ironic post about people who looks very important and does a lot, but in truth does nothing. I am sure that you meet people like that in your company - and it is important to be able to spot them!