Time for the first (but for sure not last!) Weekly Digest. About Software Supply Chain, how fast is .NET Core, how clipboard work and more!

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1. I’m not a Supplier


Do the programmer who wrote Leftpad can be called a supplier in the Supply Chain meaning? If you write a tool and release it (with some FOSS license) that makes you a supplier? Author looks at “Software Supply Chain” topic from the view of the OSS creator.

2. More challenging projects every programmer should try


Are you programmer? Are you tired of doing the same stuff again and again? Do you want try to write something challenging and interesting? Here you can find 4 ideas to tackle. And 6 more in linked post (from previous year).

3. How fast is ASP.NET Core?


In many materials about .NET we can see some numbers claiming that it is blazingly fast. But is it 100% true? Let’s found out with Dustin who dig deep into tests to see the truth.

4. How I created a GameBoy-like game in 13kb


Interesting writeup about writing an entry for js13kgames 2022 - a game that looks like taken entirely from GameBoy. Worth looking for e.g. ingenious usage of emoji as a graphics!

5. How the clipboard works


CTRL+C/CTRL+V - and stuff is copied. Did you ever though how it works? Author tries to explain it in simple words - for mere mortals. :-) First thought is “is it holding copied data in memory”, but that’s not true!

6. JupyterLite - a JupyterLab distribution that runs ENTIRELY in the browser


JupterLab is a development environment that allows to run code, process and visualize data - used a lot by data scientists. JupyterLite is a distribution that runs entirely in browser - no need to run Python application locally (or on server). Worth checking!

7. Lies we tell ourselves to keep using Golang


Golang is good choicefor Google, but is it a perfect choice for you or your team? Probably not, especially when you have stuff written in other languages (and you want to integrate them in other way than HTTP). But it has also good parts!

8. Podstawy Bezpieczeństwa: Bezpieczne zakupy online – jak rozpoznać fałszywą bramkę płatności

https://zaufanatrzeciastrona.pl/post/podstawy-bezpieczenstwa-bezpieczne-zakupy-online-jak-rozpoznac-falszywa-bramke-platnosci/ (Google Translate)

One link in Polish - how to find out if payment gateway is safe or not. It is especially interesting as there are SaaS solutions to create frauldlent gateways!

9. How I still use Flash in 2022


Flash game in the 2022? But Flash was killed in 2020… Author tells a story of building a custom Flash player for his game (Hapland). For example rewrites ActionScript code into C++ (some simple ones “automagically”, complex ones manually).